"Silence - der andere Advent"

A soundscape by the artist group AREA COMPOSER for the Augustinerkloster Erfurt, curated by Genius Loci Weimar.

Experience the advent season in a different way - this is made possible by the installation SILENCE in the Augustinerkloster in Erfurt. The sound image is a haven of peace in the hectic pre-Christmas hustle and bustle and invites visitors to the Augustinian church to lean back and let the images and sounds of the monastery and its surroundings take effect on them with unsuspected intensity.

The luminous colors of the leaded glass windows, the stone reliefs of the window arches, details of ornaments, figures and organ pipes - all this can be discovered in the SILENCE soundscape. SILENCE is a voyage of discovery, because photographer Peter Hölscher lets his images flow gently into one another, so that they constantly change, reveal new details, and seem to be in motion. The extreme slowness of this Liquid Image allows the viewer to come to rest, changing the perception of the medieval monastery church and contemplatively directing the gaze inward. This effect is reinforced by Ronald Gaube's sound­composition, which adds an emotional perceptual­level to the images. His sensitive soundscape mixes choir chants, organ tones and bell sounds with tonal events from field recordings and transports visitors into another world - into another advent.

Use of photos only with photo credit: © Area Composer

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