Talk 2018

Digital Placemaking

Digital Placemaking

Genius Loci Weimar hosted a symposium on August 11, 2018, where international experts from various disciplines spoke on the topics of video mapping and media architecture and entered into discussion with the audience.

The theme of the 2018 talk was Digital Placemaking and addressed the question of how digital media shapes cities today and what to expect in the coming years. Urban digital media installations can bridge the gap between real and virtual space. Media facades house and materialize the digital in our urban landscapes and can contribute to the revitalization of our urban spaces through motivating response and interaction. Light installations reveal unseen perspectives of our daily urban environment and interactive digital art interacts with local communities. The 2018 "Call for a Fiction" competition for the new University Library building marks the first time GLW has engaged with the

The digital and the real space - two by their nature separate worlds of life meet in new forms of design such as projection mapping or mixed reality. Which potentials and conflicts emerge and what future of hybrid spaces of this kind is conceivable?

Use of photos only with photo credit: © Henry Sowinski, Genius Loci Weimar 2018