Lab 2015

In 2015, the Genius Loci LAB transformed the e-Werk on Weimar's Kirschberg into an audiovisual adventure playground for media artists and Vjs.
In 1897, construction of an electric power station for Weimar began at this site, which supplied the city's inhabitants with electricity once it was completed. Shortly after the construction of the power station, a streetcar network was established in the summer of 1899, which was also supplied with energy from the Kirschberg. The old streetcar depot, which has since become an art house cinema, has survived from Weimar's brief streetcar phase. The boilers of the power plant ran until 1996, then they too were just history and the industrial monument began a second career as an art and cultural venue: since the 2000/2001 theater season, the building complex with the machine hall and boiler hall has served as a venue for the DNT Weimar. (Source DNT Weimar)

Use of photos only with photo credit: © Henry Sowinski, Genius Loci Weimar 2015

Genius Loci LAB Trailer