Lab 2014

In 2014, the Genius Loci LAB took place in the area around the historic Künstlerhaus, at Zeughof 1 - centrally located between the other festival venues in the old town. This 'lost space' in the direct neighborhood of the German National Theater (DNT) became the LAB Campus during the festival week from August 12 to 18.
Until 1801, the building served as an armory for the storage of weapons and ammunition, and was then used for the workshops of the court waggoners, court saddlers and blacksmiths, as well as a residential building. When the building was donated by Grand Duke Carl Alexander to the artists' association and the latter moved into the building, it became a meeting place for many notable personalities and a unique feature of the city from 1880 onwards. Max Klinger, Richard Strauss, Walter Gropius, Ernst Neufert, Edward Munch, Fritz Mackensen and many others took part in the vibrant social life, which was furthered by the addition of a kitchen, bowling alley and billiard room to the armory. After the extensive destruction during the Second World War, the Künstlerhaus was demolished down to the first floor walls and an extension was added to the neighboring museum building, which simply protrudes into the ground plan of the Künstlerhaus. The façade of the Künstlerhaus became the projection surface.

Use of photos only with photo credit: © Henry Sowinski, Genius Loci Weimar 2014

Genius Loci LAB Trailer