"Die Gothaer Synagoge lebt."

A participative, aesthetic commemoration project by the Stiftung Schloss Friedenstein Gotha in cooperation with Genius Loci Weimar and in a production by NIVRE Film & Studio as an urban intervention in public space. In the place of the Gotha synagogue destroyed during the November pogroms in 1938, there is now a shopping center, with a reintegrated memorial from 1988 between two parts of the building. The media artwork "The Gotha Synagogue Lives" was installed in this passageway at the end of October 2021. Since November 9, 2021, it has become a digital memorial in the form of a 360° VR experience and considers itself a necessary addition to the site in order to break out of the ritualized form of commemoration.

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Project Trailer


"Die Gothaer Synagoge lebt." - Facade projections on a screen

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