Winners 2024


This year's festival will feature installations across three different locations at the Buchenwald Memorial, showcasing works from the winners:


mammasONica - "Ghostpoets"

In the shadow of history, the stelae of the Buchenwald Memorial stand as silent witnesses to the inhumanity of the past and the resilience of the human spirit, which is the basic idea behind »mammasONica«´s projection. „Ghostpoets“, an immersive light and sound installation, transforms these memories into a vivid exploration of trauma and healing. By transforming the seven stelae of Buchenwald into portals of time, the installation leads visitors along a path from darkness to light, from despair to hope. Each stele symbolizes a stage in the journey from trauma to healing, offering a space for reflection and collective renewal.

Through »mammasONica« creative studio, Luca Pulvirenti excels in transmedial projects that integrate social aesthetics with public spaces. Specializing in interactive storytelling, the multidisciplinary Italian studio creates digital experiences that foster collective and emotional participation. In addition to their creative projects, »mammasONica« is actively engaged in global initiatives that use innovative technology to boost sociability and cultural engagement.




Area Composer - "Empathy"

Their installation "EMPATHY" transforms the dehumanised Road of Nations into a human path of fate. The victims of Buchenwald and other war victims seem to emerge from the anonymous stone and make contact with us. The three-part installation arouses a wide range of emotions and allows us to engage in a very personal dialogue with history and with our own reaction to violence, injustice and inhumanity.

The »Area Composers« Peter Hölscher, Ronald Gaube and Dorothee Pilavas have been working together since 2010. Their audiovisual installations of extremely slowly merging images (“liquid image”) and a specially developed sound (“soundscape”) are composed specifically for each performance location and change the perception of the place.



Marina Konther with Etienne Martin - "Die Stille"


„Die Stille“ is a sensory adaptation of the poem of the same name by Rainer Maria Rilke. In her work, Marina Konther thematises the contrast between the noise and hectic pace of wartime and a love story. The installation uses the bell tower as a symbol and projects traditional animations onto its surface, combined with abstract and figurative images and a special soundscape produced by Etienne Martin.

Marina Konther is a Franco-German media and animation artist. Her work has already been shown at renowned festivals and exhibitions and has won several awards.

Martin Etienne, musical director and sound designer, has already created many international collaborations and works for film concerts, films, installations and performances and is an expert in recordings, sound editing and stereo/5.1 mixes.



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Information about the selection panel can be found here.