Lab 2021

Installation Opak

With the installation ‘Opak’, 00K explores semi-transparent projection surfaces with the help of auditive, performative and visual artists. The installation aims to dissolve spatial boundaries that should not be experienced as absolute. Hence the use of semi-transparent materials as a projection surface and the associated and deliberate loss of information. However, the penetrating light is not lost in the surroundings but is found again on moving bodies and the geometry of the installation. A trans-medial ensemble with sound.

Collective 00K

00K is a collective from Weimar that deals with new event concepts and immersive audiovisual installations. The multidisciplinary background of the collective enables the input of numerous perspectives in their cultural output. The 00K playground stretches across club life, deconstructed buildings, DIY lighting concepts, the unseen and the unheard.

Lab 2021: Installation Opak, Photo Credits Tamara Knapp
Lab 2021: Installation Opak, Photo Credits Tamara Knapp