Talk 2021

Propaganda and public space

Large-scale projections in public space - progressive urban culture or historical glorification in a digital setting? 'Propaganda and public space' was the topic of Genius Loci Talk in 2021. The Genius Loci Talk took place on 25 September 2021 at the Reithaus Weimar.

500 years of Bible translation, 100 years of the Weimar Constitution, 30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall - In large-scale projections, historical and social contexts and anniversaries are increasingly taken up and reflected in short, visually powerful productions. Public space is staged by means of modern media, overwhelming in form and aesthetics. In this way, it becomes the carrier of a historical narrative that regularly presents the true events and backgrounds only in a very condensed form. Where does art end and propaganda begin?


Use of photos only with photo credit: © Henry Sowinski, Genius Loci Weimar 2021