Digital Placemaking

The topic of this year’s Genius Loci Talk – ‘Digital Placemaking’ – is occupied with how digital media is shaping cities today and what we can expect in the years to come. Urban digital media installations can bridge the gap between the physical and virtual realms. Media facades accommodate and materialise the digital in our cityscapes and, by motivating response and interaction, can be instrumental in the revitalisation of our shared urban spaces. Light installations reveal unseen perspectives in our everyday urban environments, while interactive digital art offers a means of engagement with local communities. Throughout, the question is how digital media can contribute to improving the quality of urban life by providing access to the hidden digital layers of current and future cities.

Lectures will be in English.


Gestalten mit Licht - Medienkunst und Digitalisierung im öffentlichen Raum

After five years of events, Genius Loci Weimar is now taking a look back at itself and at the rapidly growing genres of light art, mapping and media architecture. Is this a temporary trend or a new challenge for artists, curators, architects, event managers and urban planners?