Deoxyribonucleic acid

A dramaturgy on the aspects of evolution in shapes and forms of light. Through movement the participant experiences a state of simultaneity between the static constant and continuation of transformation.


Paracetamol /Austria

Paracetamol is a collective of Jürgen Haghofer, Angelika Grobner, Michael Guggenbichler and Johannes Traun. It was created in 2017 as part of a joint installation. The aim of Paracetamol is an examination of states of being and technology. For this purpose, various technological devices are used to create spaces and emotions. It is a game.


Dragonflies / Idea and realization Karin Siegemund

Jump again or Heaven&Hell / Idea and realization Markus Stirn

Shadow columns / Idea and realization Andrea Lieb, Karin Siegemund und Markus Stirn



Lichtplanung+ Markus Stirn /Germany

Ein Zaun / A Fence

The viewer is welcomed to think about the following question: is the modern zeitgeist really only a loud but unimaginative onlooker in the garden of history - as the aphorist Reiner Klöting puts it?



Christoph Drews /Germany


Volumen is an abstract narrative that seems to solve the separation between real and virtual space by means of optical illusions. The meaning of light and sound in a two dimensional room unfolds into a three-dimensional space.

@Kunsthalle Harry Graef Kessler

Filip Roca /Spain

Filip Roca is an independent visual and new media artist based in Barcelona. During the last ten years, he has been working in the field of animation, motion graphics and art direction. After completing his studies in graphic design and new media at the Metropolitan University of Belgrade, he started to work in animation and post-production studio Fried Pictures. In 2014 he began to work on his personal projects focusing on architectural video projections, object mapping and live generative visuals. His work has been presented worldwide. During these years, he collaborated and worked with studios and artists like The Macula, Hyperbinary, Bordos Artworks, and Tigrelab.

Kleine Lichtsymphonie

A fleeting moment in which unmoving bodies are through the wind is that of encounter. The accidental touches shimmer in different nuances of light on the ground, widen, return again. As an audio-visual exploration, the installation reacts to its surroundings and emphasizes the given with sounds and rays.

@Courtyard Kunsthalle Harry Graef Kessler


Pardis Azadeh /Germany

Student of Media Art at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts in Kiel


Projections created from paper cut-outs, stained-glass paintings and digital images inspired from Bauhaus motives are projected on the Karl-Liebknecht-Straße.



Mehkas Dia Project /Hungary

The slide project has been transformed from party culture into street art, with architectural screenings in public spaces and indoors.From the outset we have undertaken to collect and occasionally display a private slide archive, this material is constantly expanding.The slide projector functions as a "light-paint" brush, packing the space into colors, adapting to the specific location and form.Our goal is to make artistic projections out of the ordinary decor.



Infinity Gate

Projections, smoke, 3D sound and laser inerplays with the dimensions of a room and within that space a new perception is created. A magical journey with an unknown goal - the abstract installation invites the visitors to dream, play and fantasise.



RE:SORB /Germany

Our passion is to transform areas, sculptures, paintings, grafftis, objects, whole interiors into living artworks, magic spaces which lead to unforgettable experiences. These are often interactive – and if possible always as immersive as technically possible.

Thus we are always developing and implementing new technologies, in the last years we thus specialized on hyper-complex 360° 3D Projection Mappings using 3D scanners and Ai reconstruction software, 360° 3D VR experiences, Multitouch-CMS Systems for next generation interactive Terminals –  and interactive AI-based projection technologies, allowing us to precisely project on objects in movement, for example cars or the faces or bodies of artists or robot-controlled sculptures.



Look from my Perspective

At the Kiosk.6, perspectives are exchanged, points of view are distorted and symbioses between people and buildings are created. The kiosk creates a stage for an experiment with visual perceptions.

@Kiosk.6, Sophienstiftsplatz


Vasili Macharadze /Germany


Build sends the audience on an intangible trip through new structures, relationships and functionalities of urban space. The performance is constructed according to predefined rules and codes - a generative process of growth from its core.

@Alte Feuerwache


Studio Otaika /France

Studio Otaika creates experimental live AV performances within the framework of new and digital media art. The Bulgarian artist duo consist of Anna Bacheva (visual artist) and Stefan Hristov (music composer).