AI in Media Art

From artificial intelligence to artistic intelligence

The international festival for video mapping and media architecture Genius Loci Weimar organizes a one-day symposium at which experts on the topics of media art and artificial intelligence will speak and discuss with you.

We cordially invite you to the Genius Loci Talk on Saturday, August 10, 2019 from 12 am to 6 pm at the Kunsthalle Harry Graf Kessler in Weimar.


With Artificial Intelligence (AI) a new player enters the stage of media art. Creativity has long been considered immune to the domination of machines. However, through machine learning, intelligent systems also conquer creative areas such as music production or projection mapping. Deep learning, neural networks, and machine vision are increasingly used in media art as creative tools to produce novel visual imageries. The market already offers AI systems for autonomously creating complex musical or graphic compositions. how do AI systems operate that are used in media art and what possibilities do they offer to the artist of today and tomorrow?Are we entering a new era of the de democratisation of the arts, in which AI separates art from craft?  Will artistic intelligence be the last fortress to fall which distinguishes us as human beings from the machine and will the computer actually become creative?

For the Genius Loci Talk 2019 we invite internationally outstanding personalities to share their thoughts on the topic of "AI in Media Art" and discuss them with us in a panel discussion. We are looking for media artists who actively examine the topic (e.g. Mario Klingemann, Memo Akten) as well as scientists and experts (Holger Volland, Tobias Wursthorn) who deal with the topic from a technical and intellectual scientific point of view. The event will be moderated by Kathleen Schroeter, Head of Marketing - Fraunhofer Institut Heinrich Herz. Time span 12.00 o'clock - 17.00 o'clock

in cooperation with Kulturdirektion Weimar