AV-CINEMA 2019 with Area Composer

The Area Composer consists of Ronald Gaube, Peter Hölscher and Dorothee Pilavas who compose audiovisual portraits of extraordinary places. Their installations of slow merging images and electronic sound structures have the strongest effect when they return to the places where they were created. The installations completely change the perception of the original place and awakens us to new associations. They invite us to lean back, immerse and discover.


Friday and Saturday at midnight at cinema mon ami
Lenght 60 Minutes
Entry 5 €


(copy 1)

Introduction by Hendrik Wendler, Festival Director Genius Loci Weimar

"Temple Lord's House Weimar" (25 min.)
What secret is hidden in this old building? Slowly his silhouette peels itself out of the branches and immediately gets lost again in the blue of the sky.
Area Composing as a project proposal for realisation in the Park an der Ilm, Weimar

Presentation / Conversation with the artists

"Epiphania" (10 min.), 2nd part of "PHARUS"
The stained glass windows of the Mariendom zu Neviges fascinate visitors with their radiant, pure colours and take them on a contemplative journey.
Area Composing for the 50th anniversary of the Mariendom in November 2018
Architecture mapping on the 720 square metre altar wall with 11-channel surround sound

"Belmonte" (17 min.), Bonus Track