László Zsolt Bordos


László Zsolt Bordos (also known as Bordos.ArtWorks) is a 3d artist living in Budapest, Hungary. In 2000 he started as a VJ, performing in the underground party culture of Budapest. With his early 3d-vjing (2001-2004), his participation to huge size architectural slide projections (2002-2005) and his outrageous video projections and 3d mapping projects (2006-2007), he became a pioneer of the genre.

Cooperating with other artists since 2010, he started to run the projects under the name 'Bordos.ArtWorks and Invited Artists', which became internationally recognised as eminent representatives of video projection mapping.

Since 2014 Bordos is focusing again on solo art projects, installations and scenery projections for theatres and operas.

Thorsten Bauer


Thorsten Bauer is co-founder and creative director of Urbanscreen GmbH & Co.KG. With a network of artists, architects and set designers Urbanscreen develops media concepts to stage public spaces and to produce international convincing artistic approaches. They won international awards like the ‘Silver Lion, Cannes 2010' or the ‘German Lighting Design Award 2011, 2015 and 2017'

Romain Tardy


Romain Tardy is a visual artist, who has been active in the field of digital and media art since 2004. After studying art and design for 4 years in France, and with a background in motion design and VJing, he moved to Brussels, Belgium, where he currently lives and works. He creates installations, directs movies, does art direction, designs still and animated things. Romain Tardy is one of the co-founders of the European visual label ANTIVJ and was active as an artist in this group from 2008 until late 2013.

Philipp Geist


The Berlin artist Philipp Geist (1976) works internationally as an artist with the mediums of video- / light installation, photography and painting. On 16 may 2013 Geist received the German lighting design award in the category of light art for the installation Time Drifts, he presented during the Luminale 2012. He has exhibited his art work and audio-visual performances internationally at various renowned festivals and art spaces. Geist´s projects are characterized by their complexity and the integration of the location, the sound and moving images. In his video mapping installations, he avoids using canvasses and turns diverse architectures in moving, painterly light sculptures, which challenge the onlookers’ perception of two- and threedimensionality.



Tapio Rosenius


TAPIO ROSENIUS is a Finnish designer, innovator, artist and an entrepreneur.  He works with light as a medium for architectural collaborations, digital interventions, product innovation and art. He is the CEO of Skandal Technologies, and the founder of the Lighting Design Collective a thought-leading international lighting design practice with studios in Madrid, Helsinki and London. His work has been recognised in the fields of lighting design, architecture and art, including the Media Architecture Biennale Award and the IALD Award of Excellence. 





Koert Vermeulen

Koert Vermeulen gründete ACT Lighting Design, eine unabhängige Agentur für Licht- und visuelle Gestaltung, 1995 in Brüssel/ Belgien und begann mit der Gestaltung von Licht-, Bühnen-, Video- und Inhaltsdesign für Großveranstaltungen, "Sound & Light" -Shows, Theater- und Musikproduktionen. Seit 1998 hat er seine Arbeit auf architektonische Lichtplanung für Einzelhandelsprojekte, Stadtentwicklungspläne, Kulturstätten und Ausstellungen ausgeweitet.

Gernot Tscherteu

Gernot Tscherteu is co-editor of publications as well as founder of the Media Architecture Institute, the Media Architecture Biennale, and the Media Architecture Summits - with conferences and exhibitions in Vienna, London, Aarhus, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hong Kong, Beijing, Sydney. Gernot attaches great importance to the integration of aesthetic, technical and social goals in architecture and urban development.

Bernd Rudolf


Bernd Rudolf studied architecture at HAB Weimar, followed by design studies at HIF Halle - Burg Giebichenstein, later he has been a scientific assistant at the artistic field at the HAB-Weimar, Professor of structural design at the Bauahaus-UniversitätFounding member of the study "Media.Architecture". He took üpart in the international "Media-City" conferences. Member of the advisory board of the IBA Thuringia, President of the German Deans and Head of Department DARL, Publication on architecture perception, transcript-Verlag


Architekturstudium an der HAB Weimar, Designstudium an der HIF Halle – Burg Giebichenstein, Wissenschaftlicher Assistent am Künstlerischen Bereich an der HAB-Weimar, Professur für Bauformenlehre an der Bauahaus-Universität, Gründungsmitglied des Studieganges „Media.Architecture“, Mitwirkung an den internat. „Media-City“ Konferenzen, Mitglied im Fachbeirat der IBA-Thüringen, Präsident der Deutschen Dekane und Abteilungsleiterkonferenz DARL, Publikation zur Architekturwahrnehmung, transcript-Verlag

Hendrik Wendler


Hendrik Wendler studied architecture at Bauhaus University Weimar and founded device+context, a software venture, developing the videomapping software Suite MXWendler. Since 2004 these media servers illuminate clubs, theaters and facades around the world. In 2012 he founded the artistic festival platform Genius Loci Weimar for the young art-form videomapping.