Festival program 2018

Facades FR-SO 21:30-00:15

LAB FR-SO 21:30-00:15

Club FR+SA 23:59-06:00

AV-Live-Cinema FR+SA 21:30-23:30

Side Acts FR-SO 21:30-00:15

Talk SA 12:00-17:30

Haus der Frau von Stein

Genius Loci LAB

The Genius Loci LAB as audiovisual Adventure Park is the festival's Live-Stage!

during the week from August 06 to 12:

And during the festival-weekend from August 10 to 12:


The AV Live Cinema breaks away from the classic forms of cinema. Here, auditory-visual montages are in the foreground as a live event. This takes place through the presence of instruments and artists who interact with the visual and acoustic space of the screen.

Compositions are enhanced by associative image fragments, while light-sound installations respond to the mains current. This gives rise to shadow plays that are diffused with sounds. VJs present associative montages of music clips and image manipulations.

At our Genius Loci Club PRAEPARADIES collective combines abstract light art with outre electronic music. Alongside light installations, the collective presents a broad range of contemporary club music at their events.


praeparadies | Kesselsaal e-Werk


Freitag, 10.08.2018 // 23:00

  • Kate (praeparadies)
  • Jil (praeparadies)
  • Caner & Hainich (praeparadies/yung born)

Samstag, 11.08.2018 // 23:00

  • Fantastic Man (Superconscious, Love on the Rocks)
  • Dane (Common Edits)
  • Jasuper (praeparadies)




Eine digitale Wegemarkierung vernetzt die Gebäude untereinander, zeigt, wo es lang geht und verbindet so die Menschen miteinander, die das Fest besuchen. Auf diesen gemeinsamen Wegen finden sie zu den Festival-Stationen. An verschiedenen Stationen entlang der Festivalroute werden Videoinstallationen und Lichtskulpturen internationaler Künstler.

Klima-Pavillon + GLW Infostand

Various Artist: Juladi

Along the festival route, the Klima-Pavillon (‘Climate Pavilion’) offers an opportunity to linger and take in atmospheric videoshows from young artists on the topic of the environment. The pavilion will feature videos and documentaries from the last six years of Genius Loci Weimar. From April to September, the Klima-Pavillon – an initiative of the Thuringian Ministry of Environment, Energy and Conservation – is the place for information, discussion and action on climate protection, renewable energies, energy efficiency and sustainability.

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Wisp Kollektiv / Felix Deufel & Paul Schengbar. 3D Audio Content and Installations.

With its audiovisual path installation ›.inf‹, the Wisp Kollektiv will transform the inner courtyard of the University Library into a journey through time and ephemerality. Image and soundscapes, generated in real time, change continuously and remind visitors of the constant shifts in nature and social conditions, and of the never-ending movement of time. Each frame is unique and irreproducible. An algorithm calculates random behaviour patterns, while the sound responds automatically to changes in the image.


Studio De Shutter + Dölken Lighting

Keeping to the question: ›What is YOUR POINT OF VIEW?‹ the light installation ›YPOV‹urges viewers to reflect critically on their own standpoints. Depending on the viewing angle, the linear lights dissolve into circles, rectangles and triangles, or blur into one another in a jumble of light. It remains up to the observer to find their way to the actual substance and self-understanding, and in this way to alter their own point of view and perspective.

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Kronach Leuchtet

This year the Genius Loci Weimar festival gets support from Kronach.

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A Wall is A Screen

A combination of city tour and film evening, a group meanders through the city centre and stops at various projection locations. As darkness falls, the audience gathers at the departure point. When each film finishes, the group moves on to the next projection surface.The number of participants is unlimited.Fri & Sat | Start: 22:00 | Duration: ca. 2 hours | Meeting point: Theaterplatz to the left of the Deutsches Nationaltheater (German National Theatre) 

Fr| Sa 22:00 - 23:30 Treffpunkt: Theaterplatz Linke Seite DNT. Google Map

Genius Loci Talk

Das Thema des diesjährigen Talks ist Digitales Placemaking und beschäftigt sich mit der Frage, wie digitale Medien Städte heute prägen und was in den kommenden Jahren zu erwarten ist. Städtische digitale Medieninstallationen können die Lücke zwischen realem und virtuellem Raum schließen. Medienfassaden beherbergen und materialisieren das Digitale in unseren Stadtlandschaften und können durch motivierende Reaktion und Interaktion zur Revitalisierung unserer urbanen Räume beitragen. Lichtinstallationen enthüllen ungesehene Perspektiven unserer täglichen städtischen Umgebung und interaktive digitale Kunst interagiert mit lokalen Gemeinschaften. Mit dem diesjährigen Wettbewerb "Call for a Fiction" zum Neubau der Universitätsbibliothek beschäftigt sich GLW zum ersten Mal mit der medienarchitektonischen Thematik.

Samstag 12-18 Uhr 

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