Genius Loci Lab + Raumstation

Nightexploration - finding Weimar’s dysfunctional spaces


We invite you to join our nightexploration. Visit us at our station at GENIUS LOCI LAB and receive a toolkit to track down dysfunctional spaces, spaces that scare us, non-places or sites of fractures. Listen to the spaces’ stories, secrets and explore their potentials. We want to make the forgotten, unnoticed or even shunned places talk to us so that we can hear the whispering of the city and find out what those strange walls, places, corridors and odd pavements, doors, towers, trees and bushes have to tell us.


Start of the night exploration, every hour, from 6 pm to 10 pm.

The starting and information point is the basis of the Raumstation at the GENIUS LOCI LAB in the Mensa Courtyard (between Marienstraße 13 and 15).(zwischen Marienstraße 13 und 15).


Installations take their experimentation to the urban space. Alongside the prominent building facades featured in the festival, the public space in the city center will also be questioned and set centre stage.



·     Nils BERT Jänisch, Martin Fink – Street Art + Videoprojection

·      Jakob Gruhl, Stephan Kloß – Mazetools Soniface – Interactive, audiovisual APP |

·      Kollektiv Raumstation & Die Anstoß e.V. Karlsruhe |

·      Stephan Schubert, Hannes Hendrich – Future Skateboarding

·      Dunkelstrom – Slide Projections / Analog Projections





We are happy to present you last years Installations:

  • Trautes Heim – Camera Obscura: Martin Melcher
  • Sweatspot – Wellness-Installation: Peter Krug, Markus Moser
  • Invaders From Outta Skate! – Interactive Skatepark: Bertobart, Michal Mitro (CZ)
  • Kiosk Nachtschwärmer – Raumstation Weimar / facebook
  • I,Robot Nr. XL – Spezialinstallation: Neonaut Rockmaninow
  • arTrace – Interactive Videoinstallation: Lea Brugnoli, Hala Ghatasheh, Ulysse Fontaine, Dechang Fu, Asha Murali, Maria Landeta