Competition 2023


Competition 2023 - Annual Theme: "Bauhaus Goes AI"

100 years ago, the legendary Bauhaus Werkschau, the Bauhaus Exhibition of 1923, took place in Weimar. For the first time, the Bauhaus invited the whole of Germany to an exhibition and showcase, its Bauhaus Week. Among other things, the world-famous architectural icon "Das Haus am Horn" was presented as part of this exhibition. This visionary design represented the creative and design potential behind the democratic awakening of the young Weimar Republic and the maxim 'Design for All'.

100 years later, another push in the democratization of design and art in the world of design is imminent: the technological development in the field of artificial intelligence. So-called Generative Neural Networks (GAN) are able to create pixel-perfect graphics and entire animations of impressive quality and technical perfection from simple texts. Once again, the democratization of art takes another, this time downright dramatic step: anyone can be a graphic artist through machine assistance. Is classical design and art education obsolete? Even more: with deepfakes, anyone can present any event to anyone at any time. Is even reality already obsolete?

With the 2023 edition of the festival, Genius Loci Weimar would like to commemorate the Bauhaus Week that took place 100 years ago, and this year's competition will reflect on tasks and issues surrounding the use of artificial intelligence in art and design.