Competition 2022

Our next international competition for videomapping and facade projections will start in spring 2022. All info about the competition buildings, timing and conditions will be published here soon.

Competition 2021 - Annual Theme: "True Crime"

The history of Weimar is far broader than its “golden” andsilver” eras. Many a culture war has been fought within the Weimar city walls and countless tragic figures have passed through its dwellings and dungeons. In 2021, we will begin the tour at the Bastille Ensemble, a veritable institution of princely power in Weimar. It is also where the young maid and child murderer Johanna Catharina Höhn was most likely incarcerated until her execution by beheading. Perched defiantly above the courtyard gate, the Ernestine electoral coat of arms still shows the way into the city and declares the power of imperial election, now a long-lost privilege. The tour continues on the south facade of the Baroque Weimar City Castle and onward to the Marstall, the Former ducal stables with its former Gestapo cellars. Then it’s up to the Goethe- und Schiller-Archiv and finally to the Altenburg, where Franz Liszt hid the young Richard Wagner, who was wanted as a revolutionary, terrorist and subversive after the failed May uprising in Saxony in 1849.

The 2021 festival will include the as yet unscreened public presentations of the 2020 competition locations: the Marstall, the Goethe- und Schiller-Archiv and the Altenburg. The Altenburg has featured before; the Bastille Ensemble is new to the competition. As such, this year’s festival will for the first time encompass four main locations. At the Altenburg, two winning submissions will be shown in succession–another first. As ever, Genius Loci Weimar is looking for the unique spirit of the respective locations and for convincingly atmospheric iconography and dramaturgy–experimentation is encouraged. Artistic realisations in the form of animations, 3D animations or live action film, and beyond, are all conceivable.