11-13 AUGUST 2017



Awarded Video Mapping Shows


Herderkirche by FLIGHTGRAF "Mirror"

Cranachhaus by Desilence "Chiaroscuro"


Notenbank by Hotaru Visual Guerilla "Gestalt"


Genius Loci Lab

Genius Loci Club

Interactive Installation on the Festivalroute

Sonos Loci Weimar

Planar.s by mammaSOnica


Hula Loop by Stepan Boldt


KI-808/Body-Controller by Florian Froger, Jonas Jülch & Thomas Fritzsche




Installationen: Pop-Up Galerie:Hairdresser + Kollektiv Raumstation

AV-Live-Kino im Lichthaus


Genius Loci Club im Kesselsaal, e.Werk

Festival Plakat 2017


Herausgabe von Logo-Material auf Anfrage.


500 years of the reformation and 150 years of Das Kapital by Karl Marx are the occasion to focus this year on the city church of St. Peter and Paul, the Cranachhaus and Notenbank.

The Genius Loci LAB, which comprises workshops and live AV productions, is the ‘young talent’ stage of the festival. Here, in the week before the event, the frontiers of video mapping are redefined and reconceptualised in a juxtaposition with the urban context.

AV Live Cinema combines the art of video recording and music, and represents a re-imagining of cinema. Thereby, the screen is augmented with live performance and even the cinema auditorium is incorporated in the whole through the interplay of sound and light.

This year, the Genius Loci Club is organised by the Praeparadies collective, who will be giving night owls the opportunity to see out the event in style.

Against the backdrop of this festival of light, the Genius LociTalk symposium will summarise the main topics of video mapping, media architecture and cultural management. (Registration required)

Every summer since 2012, Weimar becomes a meeting point for digital avant-garde artists, culture enthusiasts and scientists. The Genius Loci Weimar festival for site-specific audio-visual art and interactive facade projections now ranks among the leading international events in this area. Weimar offers an abundance of buildings and spaces that have played an important role in culture and history – also outside of the city limits. The architectural testimony of centuries past encompasses classical, modern and avant-garde, as well as the dark years of National Socialism. Well-known figures such as Lucas Cranach, Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Gottfried Herder, Christoph Martin Wieland, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Schiller, Franz Liszt, Friedrich Nietzsche, Henry van de Velde and Walter Gropius have all been active in the city, and have left their marks.

Every year, new buildings and structures in and around Weimar are chosen to become a part of the competition and festival. It is the aim of Genius Loci Weimar to draw attention to the spirit of the location with respect to the history, architecture and other visible and invisible layers of meaning, and to bring these to life using the innovative techniques of the media art of video mapping.

Festival Booklet

Zu den Höhepunkten des Genius Loci Weimar Festivals zählten der nächtliche Rundgang durch Weimar von einer Fassadenshow zur nächsten. So feierten am Wochenende vom 11. bis 13. August 2017 die Produktionen der Wettbewerbsgewinner an der Herderkirche, am Cranachhaus und an der Notenbank ihre Weltpremiere



Genius Loci Talk