This year, Genius Loci Weimar will once again occupy a contemporary building, the Bauhaus Museum. The Bauhaus Museum opened in April 2019 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus. The Bauhaus School in Weimar and the Weimar Republic began together in 1919, advocating for a modern, democratic and cosmopolitan society.

The new Bauhaus Museum sees itself as an "open workshop", a place of experience through participation and mediation of craftsmanship and design processes. With the motto "How do we want to live together?" it does not pursue a teaching concept. This question, once posed by Walter Gropius, is to be understood as a call, and the spirit of the Bauhaus is to be made tangible. Among the exhibits on display is the Bauhaus collection, the oldest collection of its kind, which was created by Walter Gropius.

In the building, the visitor can look from floor to floor. The clear architecture of the new building works in its interior on five floors with two-story air spaces, with views in, out and through.

The location of the new Bauhaus Museum stands on an axis from the former Nazi Socialist Gauforum via Weimar's Goetheplatz with the Harry Graf Kessler Art Hall, a pioneer of the Bauhaus, to the German National Theater, where the constituent National Assembly met in 1919.

Use of building photos only with photo credit: © Tristan Vostry, Genius Loci Weimar 2023