The international GENIUS LOCI WEIMAR Festival for audiovisual projections was launched in 2012 as part of the ‘Weimar Summer’ initiative.In 2016, the festival welcomed 50,000 visitors, making it one of the most popular of all the Weimar Summer events. Many thousands of visitors from across Germany are expected again next year. Optimally located in this city of poets, musicians and thinkers, as well as the birthplace of the Bauhaus movement, the festival has become an important cultural event for Thuringia, and is now in its ninth edition. 

Throughout, the festival is distinguished by the interplay of a broad range of artistic genres. The overall event of GENIUS LOCI WEIMAR encompasses the following programme items: the widely appreciated facade projections, the Genius Loci LAB stage featuring up-and-coming artists, as well as music events and the light installations in public spaces. Numerous ancillary events, such as the AV-Live Kino, the Genius Loci TALK, the Genius Loci CLUB and Walk-Acts, which delineate the festival route, all come together to bring about an international creative milieu in the Bauhaus city of Weimar. Thereby, the festival extends across the entire Weimar inner city, creating a unique festival atmosphere. 

The GENIUS LOCI WEIMAR Festival is the realisation of a concept that is unique worldwide, combining digital technology with artistic expression and historical heritage. Still today, the festival is the only international platform with an emphasis on free artistic work in the field of videomapping, and is a vanguard for the associated technological developments.The festival is based on an international competition: every year, three facades are specially selected and an invitation to tender for production concepts is announced. Prizes totalling 45,000 euros are offered for the winning submissions. This highly endowed prize is testament to the profile of the festival and is an acknowledgment of the first-rate content that makes up the event. 

The artistic concept of the festival is oriented around a synthesis of location and subject material. 

Through the technique of videomapping, Genius Loci Weimar redefines historical buildings and renders history and architecture as tangible for visitors. Every year, three new buildings and structures in and around the city of Weimar are chosen to become a part of the competition and festival. The winning concept submissions, which must be in a medial narrative form, expressed at the highest technical level through the art of projection mapping, are developed and produced for one of the selected competition facades.

In just nine years, the event has achieved high national and international relevance in the field of videomapping and light festivals. The internationally acclaimed Genius Loci Weimar competition, the curatorial work of the festival directors at worldwide videomapping festivals such as IMapp Bucharest or the Luminale in Frankfurt, as well as the participation of a renowned specialist audience in Genius Loci Talk, also count among the many successes.

GLW as guest at Bauhaus.Podcast


Hendrik Wendler, alumnus of Bauhaus University Weimar and founder of Genius Loci talks about the role of the university in the city.

Festival Organisation

Hendrik Wendler
(Managing Director MXPerience Festival gUG)
Franziska Schnauß (Production Management)
Marlene Roth (Organisation & Communication)
Carla Sunder Plaßmann
(Organisation & Communication)
Laura Ettlich (Organisation & Communication)