Q: How many buildings are there this year, in the 2024 competition, that I can apply to?

A: This year applications can be submitted for three buildings/objects.


Q: What needs to be considered in the production of the competition video, how do I proceed?

A: You produce a 30-second 2D video clip (in HD resolution). Download the animation pack and look at the mask of the respective building/object. It clearly shows the actual playable areas of the building. Unfortunately, animations outside this area cannot be mapped.


Q: What are the most important aspects I should consider when creating the competition video?

A: The buildings/objects should be thematically themed to match the inherent spirit, the 'genius loci' - i.e. the history of the building, what it could have been, how it appears based on its architecture, perhaps also inspired by its surroundings or function. Creativity is required! The building's facade serves as a backdrop for a thoughtful narrative. Professional knowledge of videomapping techniques is not a must, much more important is a convincing artistic concept, a gripping dramaturgy and a successful image and sound design.


Q: How do I submit my 30-second video?

A: Register on our website and fill in all the required information. Please submit your video online for download (e.g. via Vimeo, WeTransfer...) On the registration page, in the "Add Project" section, there is a URL mask where you can paste the download link. Remember to tell us your password if one is needed! For the public presentation and the public vote we will upload all submitted videos to Vimeo. For "Project PDF File" you can enter a short description of your project, for "Crew PDF File" you can upload some information and references about you or your team.

Q: Where should the content be positioned within the HD video?

A: We have created a series of templates, one for each building. Please use these templates for your submissions. You can find the templates in the Animation Pack.

Q: In the Animation Packs you can find 3D models in various formats that I can't open. Also, I don't know how to work with 3D.

A: You can neglect the 3D models for the production of the contest video, and submit a pure 2D animation. Just make sure that your 2D video matches the respective building mask (filename "PNG-Mask-Contours") from the Animation Pack. It gives you the actual playable building surface.


Q: I downloaded the Animation Pack, but there is no specified camera position in the 3D model. From which perspective should the clip be rendered?

A: The details of the render perspective are described in the document "_START_HERE_ReadMe", which you can also find in the Animation Pack:

„Please render your animation in a front view with a parallel perspective without a vanishing point. The projection surface should be in the middle of the image. To achieve that, please refer to the .pdf or the .png with the name «facade contours» for aligning your animation."


Q: Can my video be longer than 30 seconds?

A: No, please limit yourself to 30 seconds in the submission video. We will show only 30 seconds to the jury.


Q: What happens to the 30-second competition video?

A: We will project the video onto a miniature building model for the jury and upload it online for the Public Vote. All videos will be shown one by one and in random order for a fair comparison.


Q: Are explanatory texts allowed in the video?

A: No, please do not integrate explanations or texts in the video.


Q: Is (sample) music or sound desired for the 30-second clip or should it be presented silently?

A: Definitely! Sound is an extremely important element in creating moods and tension.


Q: What do you mean by "The explanatory text and the self-description will be professionally edited and translated before being displayed to the public"?

A: This means that professional translators will proofread the explanatory text and the self-description before they are presented on the voting page. The editor will not change the message of the texts, but only check them for errors and translate the content.


Q: When will the winners be announced?

A: The winners will be announced approx. two weeks after the end of the competition.


Q: Is it possible to submit several ideas for one location?

A: Yes.


Q: Are interactive installations allowed?

A: As far as we can realize it, yes. If you plan an interactive installation, please include a simulation or description of it in your application.


Q: Are live shows allowed? For example with a dance performance or live music?

A: It is hard to answer this question in general. Basically yes, but please note the following:

  • Is the budget then sufficient for the realization?

  • Does it work with our time cycle of 15 minutes? It is important to consider that, for example, dancers or singers have to be available for three evenings, every 15 minutes, in any weather, to accompany the performance.

  • How can the idea be best expressed with the given means (project text and video clip)?


Q: Which codec should I use for the 30 second clip?

A: H.264 with ALAC audio. The resolution should be HD 1920×1080.


Production of the winning videos & festival


Q: How many buildings will be involved in the 2024 festival?

A: This year, three objects/buildings will be played.


Q: How does my 2D video appear on the 3D facade?

A: During the festival, the film will then be projected onto the building using media servers and several projectors.


Q: Is there on-site support for the technical implementation?

A: Yes, we can help with the technical implementation and projection on site. You produce a video clip and we organize the projection.


Q: Is the technical equipment for the projection provided? And is a sound system also available?

A: Yes, the technical equipment is provided. A sound system is also available.


Q: Which mapping software will be used at the festival?

A: The MXWendler FXServer software is used. Contest participants can request a software version for laptops with which they can simulate the projection.