Competition 2021 is open!

TRUE CRIME - Call for a fiction

Until Sunday, 6th of June 2021, all interested artists are invited to submit their concept ideas for this years' competition buildings, the Altenburg and the Bastille. One submission will be commissioned for each building. A budget of 15,000 euros will be made available for the artistic realisation of the work. The winning concepts will be presented in the context of an evening tour through Weimar during the festival in autumn 2021.

Historical awareness, an understanding of architecture, high abstractive and imaginative power, narrative flair and a clear vision of the local situation are all vital aspects of a strong concept. Our team can assist with the technical implementation during the festival, so professional knowledge of videomapping is not a mandatory requirement for participation in the competition. Besides classical video mappings, new styles and compositions are also very welcome. Possible styles and compositions include e.g. 3D animations, elements from animation,real and short film and illustrative techniques such as drawing, silhouette, stop-motion etc. Also last year we received exciting submissions of different styles and genres. An impression of the submissions of the previous years can be found here.

Once again this year, we would like to invite the winners of this submission to hold a two-day workshop on dramaturgical material development in Weimar together with the dramaturgy of the Deutsches Nationaltheater. The aim is to work out a sustainable narrative, musical dramaturgy, material and character development from the 30-second submission, which will then be implemented in a final production. The workshop will take place in Weimar.


Content criteria

An innovative composition in the form of an audio-visual video mapping, with particular observance paid to the Genius Loci. An individual, original and sophisticated handling of the spirit of the location with respect to history and architecture, as well as to the people who were active there and who have influenced the surroundings, and to historical events that have left visible or invisible traces. An engaging dramaturgical and narrative concept for a five minute video performance.

Creative criteria

The expression of individual visual and dramaturgical styles in the development of the concept. The conscious omission of erratic gimmickry and showmanship, intrusive clichés and careless historical retelling. An engaging and skilfully narrated narrative as well as a supportive, gripping dramaturgy for the final audiovisual videomapping.



Register on our website and fill in all the required information.

Don't forget to download the animation packs! You will find important guide lines, the building mask and 3D-Models of the competition buildings inside.


The closing date is Sunday, the 6th of June 2021, 23:59 CET.

Further questions can be sent to us via e-mail: info[at]

We look forward to your application!