Q: Where should the content be placed inside the HD video?


A: To clarify this, we created a series of templates, one for each building. Please use these templates for your submission:

Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar (Model and Template 42 MB)

Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek (Model and Template 37 MB)

Ohm Krueger und Herder (Model and Template 15 MB) 



Q: Can my video be longer than 30 seconds?


A: You can submit a longer video, but the staff will cut 30 seconds from it, and you cannot control which part is taken, so we recommend you do this on your own.




Q: How should the 30 second contest video look like?


A: We will present the clip mapped on simplified building models to the jury and the public. All clips will be presented one after another for a fair comparison. Please create a plain and flat 30 second clip in full HD resolution that can be mapped onto a simplified facade in ca. 50x20cm in size. Do not integrate any explanations or text into the video, because we cannot guarantee that this explanations will be readable once the clip is projected onto the model.




Q: Will the windows be covered?


A: All windows will be covered by off-white paper. The paper will be mounted inside the building. The top windows of Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek are in an angle which is nearly parallel to the projectors – reflections might result. Please check out the template in the Animation pack.




Q: Do I have to apply for every building?


A: No.




Q: Can I apply for all three buildings?


A: Yes.




Q: How many projections have to be produced by the award winners?


A: Each award winner has to produce only one projection for one building.




Q: Which mapping software will be used at the festival?


A: The software that will be used is MXWendler FXServer and will be provided for the award winners. The mapping will be done by the contestant teams. An expert team is on site to assist you.




Q: Are interactive installations allowed?


A: As far as we can realize it, yes. But you may face difficulties regarding the jury and the public vote, because they expect a 30 second video of the result mapped onto the facade. So maybe you send a simulation?




Q: Is there a tent for protecting our devices?


A: Yes.




Q: Which codec should I use fort he 30 second clip?


A: H.264 with ALAC audio. The resolution should be HD 1920×1080.




Q: Which codec should I use for the final clip?


A: A PNG image-sequence with a separate WAV audio file. The resolution depends on the building and will be communicated to the award winners.